The Cast

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Your usual host and gamemaster, Tanner has been playing and running RPGs in some form or another since 2003. Growing up he was an avid D&D lover, but in the past few years has branched out and fallen in love with all sorts of games and systems, with L5R being his perennial favorite.

When he's not playing RPGs, he enjoys building gundams.

Twitter: @tantaclaus


Amelia began playing RPGs in high school when her friends played d20 Modern. Despite this introduction, she somehow remained interested. After taking some time off during college and in the few years after, she jumped back in around 2014 and in the years since has enjoyed trying out new systems and styles of play.

Amelia loves exploring the interactions between mechanics, setting, characters, and story. She is currently also the co-host of Character Creation Cast. When she isn’t playing or talking about RPGs she is probably being a nerd about something else.

Twitter: @gingerreckoning @creationcast


Notorious recluse, all around mysterious fellow, and avid lover of games/nerd things. Dakota has been playing RPG's for a few years, and only recently been playing L5R. He currently likes to paint and shoot lasers at things when not playing RPGS.

Dakota Lore: Dakota is colorblind having trouble with Red/Green/Purple. Do not ask him to defuse a bomb.

Twitter: @Punchvestigate

Ryan has been playing RPGs since the mid 90s, and constantly has to lord his age over the rest of the crew. His answer to ‘what is your favorite RPG’ is far too long to publish here, with countless derivations where he goes into explanations of edition differences, so we’ll just say Exalted, Deadlands, and L5R. When not playing RPGs Ryan is either traveling for work or out at a karaoke bar.

Twitter: @theprimesauce


Justin really got into the Table Top RPG scene playing PBTA games, namely MonsterHearts and Urban Shadows. These largely built his preference of rules and mechanics informing the narrative. He watches anime sometimes and no life's video games a lot of time. Ryan told him to say he is a World Class Cuddler.

Twitter: @jboom_