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Burning Frontier

Burning Frontier, our third campaign, takes us to a fantasy Wild West world, where settlers struggle to create a life in the sands, and the magic of Ancient Nekhem threatens to snuff them out.

In this series, with Tanner as the GM, we follow a group of bounty hunters as they track a notorious criminal across the wastes. Adventure and danger await!

The Characters

All of our character art was commissioned by Devon George, who you can find at


Adelaide Graves

Played by Amelia.

Adelaide is a hot-headed, snarky former saloon owner, and occasional dabbler in magics beyond her comprehension.


Marshal Ramadi Dumont

Played by Dakota.

A mysterious drifter and gunslinger, Ramadi owes allegiance to a secret society known as the Lodge of Silver Sands, dedicated to keeping the Frontier safe from the danger of Ancient Nekhem.


swan kilgore, esq.

Played by Ryan.

A burly, adventuring archaeologist, Swan is distrustful of the power of Ancient Nekhem, and seeks knowledge and artifacts to provide to the Delver’s Society.


Varadi poole

Played by Justin.

A former military scout and sharpshooter, Varadi plies her trade on the Frontier by acting as a wilderness guide and a bounty hunter, looking for a quick buck here or there.