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The Characters

All character art was commissioned from the talented Ross Taylor, who can be found online at


Irene Howland

An ex-CIA asset handler, Irene was quietly shitcanned a few months ago for digging into fringe conspiracy theories online. Her talents lie in the digital domain. She is an expert hacker and cryptographer, and can get in and out of any system within wi-fi range.

Played by Justin.


Fiona Callaghan

An ex-IRA bomber, busted out of life imprisonment for a chance at revenge. Skills include explosives manufacturing, driving, mechanics, and being an all-around criminal scumbag.

Played by Amelia.


Max Brennwald

Former Swiss military and Pontifical Swiss Guard, Max was discharged after a run-in with a supernatural criminal. Now, down and out, he's hoping to put his expertise in military tactics and investigation to use, His aim: revenge on Dorian Grey.

Played by Tanner.


Prosper gagne

A French sneak thief and cat burglar, Prosper made a name for himself by stealing fine art all over Europe and the United States. With his former partner missing in action, he takes a gamble to steal from the impregnable clutches of a vampire. His skills in stealth, defeating security, history, and fine art, will put him right at ease as he takes on European vampires.

Played by Ryan.

Blood Money

Blood Money, our second campaign, takes us into the dark and blood-slicked world of Night's Black Agents, where burned spies and underworld operators take on vampiric conspiracies.

In this series, with Dakota as the GM, we learn that while vampires are nigh-unkillable, their money is vulnerable. Four agents whisk their way around Europe to find the ultimate score, and leave the dead in the ground where they belong.